Narrative experiences revolve around dystopian world caused by parallel universe collision. 

"In theory, all worlds are as real as our world, and they've all been around since the beginning of time. The only mystery is what particular world we occupy at this moment."

2020 May 7. Vilnius. When all thought 2020 couldn't be worse... Blinding light obliterated the world...Later this event was named The Merge.

Stories From Within explores new universe after The Merge.

CRASH SITE - "...looks like I've seen it somewhere reconstructed media from the world before the Merge. Hmmm...The chase ended up unexpectedly for both parties I guess. There are no bodies laying around or something that I could call "a body". Most likely it was controlled remotely. Drones didn't look too damaged. Engine seems to work fine too. For a while I thought about disassembling some parts and sell it as scrap iron. But this idea seemed somehow disrespectful. Well, anyway it's a trash now. A monumental trash on its way to become a fossil."

Everything is normal, until it’s not. Collapse of ecosystems, the tyranny of bureaucratic institutions, and the deterioration of the Earth is taken as a kind of inevitability, based on the course of current history. After the Merge, wearing Phytoplant-based mask became mandatory. Terra - Model 3 is one of the most popular models. "Colourful. In every way." - says their latest ad. Yeah...they added more colors - the innovation people need right now…

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